My first experience with Ashley Furniture was a chair I bought from the Riverton Utah store. It was nice and sturdy with good fabric, so it seemed. Within a year or two the foam in the chair degraded to the point that I was sitting on the wood practically, this was at least 6 inches of foam at least. All the screws came loose so I had to put Locktite on all of them. Then within another year or two the fabric wore out to where you could see through it and it now has holes where you sit. The wood is still nice and the screws are holding. It will cost as much as the chair to re-upholster it. Ashley said they can't do anything about it, they should back up their product much better. No chair with medium use should have done this in this amount of time, we have had it for 4 years and it only took three years to do what I have explained.

Second experience was when we bought a bed and mattress from them in their Salt Lake Store. By the way customer service was pretty good. Within 6 months I had sunken into the bed more than 4 plus inches, it felt like I was in a hammock. I could not roll towards the center due to the foam breaking down so much. We called them and a nice guy came out and hung a string across the bed that was weighted down on both sides. He said that it has to be an inch and a half depression to be defective. You don't have to tell me, after sleeping in a hammock, that there is something wrong with this mattress. We flipped the mattress as recommended and within a month now it feels like I am in a hammock again. The bed has held up and is nice still.

I recommend the wood products so far, use Locktite, but I cannot recommend anything that has foam in it. The only reason I gave it a two star instead of a one star was that the people working there were pretty nice.

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