On August 8,2015 I bought 4 piece sectional. Decided to add 2 more pieces ordered and paid for it. Ashley delivered 3 pieces. I did not like it and called them. They told me to give it a try and wait 2 weeks. The following week did not like it. So went in and picked out another set. Now I have spent 2500 instead of 2k but thats ok. Now it takes a month for delivery and not everything comes in. That's another 3 weeks. I am told they are going to compensate me something. After all is said they said I still owed them 310. Wow I paid cash and have a paid in full receipt. That's my compensation. Ok now they are coming to pick up my furniture and am getting a full refund. Never will I buy from Ashley again. This all ended November 5. That's 3 months.

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