We purchased a brand new furnished house in the Villages 3 years ago. It was rented for a total of 1 year. When we moved in we noticed one of the drawers in the bedroom dresser did not close right. The entire house was furnished with Ashley furniture so we called them to try to get it repaired. We were told that line of furniture was discontinued and parts were no longer available for replacement. That was all they could do, thank you and goodbye. Well, I called back and after several minutes with the same young woman from earlier, she eventually told me I could go shopping and try to find a similar drawer slide and if they still made those, she could get me a part. This dresser was 3 years old, not 23.

It isn't like I was looking for something antique. So once the line is no longer made, you cannot get a part to replace anything unless YOU want to go shopping to find a part that may be from a current line of products they are still selling. What service is that? We started by sending an email to Ashley but they never even bothered to return an answer. I cannot believe you cannot get a part to fix something when the product is only 3 years old. And have them just say there is nothing they can do and then hang up.

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