I made an appointment with Aspen Dental because I knew I needed a root canal and was in serious pain. I didn't currently have a dentist but I did have insurance. I went in and they gave me X-rays and checked my teeth, all without addressing my only concern at the time: the need of a root canal. I was told I have periodontal disease and needed a ton of work to make me "healthy" again. After I made them understand that I first and foremost needed a root canal, the total cost to me was quoted as, well over 6 thousand dollars. That was with my insurance. They lead me to believe that I *HAD* to address all the other issues as well as the root canal, with a series of visits for the next few months.

They demanded payment on each visit in full. They did offer me a credit line through care credit and even suggested I max out my current credit cards. I was actually in tears while speaking with the receptionist about the bill, knowing I couldn't afford the work and was in so much pain, still. The receptionist skimmed through the price quote, looking to "cut costs" for me. She offered to TAKE OFF THE $100.00 TOOTHBRUSH they included in the bill. Ummm… What? When did I ask you to provide me with a one hundred dollar toothbrush? Ok? So I should be thanking you? VERY upset with how I was treated at Aspen Dental. The very same day I was referred to my current dentist by a coworker who also has my insurance plan.

I went back to Aspen Dental, extracted my records (only the one day's visit's worth) and went to the new dentist. I am very pleased to say that my root canal was fixed, crowned and I am no longer in pain. My new dentist didn't try to scare me into unnecessary treatments, treated me with respect and only charged me for services rendered. Also, services are significantly less expensive compared to Aspen Dental. Avoid aspen dental at all costs. They are a cash grab and use scare tactics to get every last dime out of you. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid!!!

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