I'm really not one to write bad reviews, but I'm very disappointed with the outcome of this bottom denture I got from Aspen Dental on St. Lucie West. At one time it use to stay in when I ate coming loose once in a while. At the same time they're telling me its the way my gums are and pushing for Implants that cost around $3-4k for a set And I'm telling them I can't afford them, not everyone with dentures has implants! So then because they're new you get sores, so you have to go for an adjustment! Now after 2 or 3 adjustments too many they don't stay in at all! EVERY TIME I eat they come loose in my mouth! The problem there you very rarely have a dentist checking before the adjustment, its always the Dental assistants taking care of you! That's not good!

One of the last times I went in for a sore, 2 adjustments were made already then a dentist came in to check the sore and she fixed the sore issue right away, so those 2 adjustments probably didn't have to be done! Then they started coming loose when I eat and its been a couple months now. So I went back this last time about 3 or 4 weeks ago, now I actually had a dentist come in to check me, I couldn't believe it! He checked my mouth very well. Told me he thought he saw what could have been a problem with the muscle around my lower gums, made another adjustment on the denture and guess what, they still come loose EVERY TIME I eat! I'M very upset with the outcome!

And to make matters worse, they realigned my upper denture for me a few months ago, that I had made by Gentle Dental, which is no longer, they changed their name, now the upper is coming loose a lot more!!! They advertise money back guarantee if you're not satisfied! Yeah, right! Try and get it! Very disappointed!!!

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