For weeks I have been dealing with a repair/return issue regarding an LG refrigerator I had purchased on 5/13/2011. I also purchased a 3 year warranty from Home Depot at that time. I have spent approximately 30 hours on the phone with the extended warranty reps from Home Depot extended warranty AKA Assurant from various locations and LG reps as well. I have been told a different answer from each party on each and every phone call. I even sought help from the appliance department of the Parsippany store where I purchased the item. Home Depot Maria has been trying for over a week now to help me and I can honestly say she is the only reason I have any trust left in your company.

However, the resolution she has worked so hard to get me is apparently all lies. Not through any fault of her own mind you. I was in the store with Maria on 11/4/15, last Wednesday, where we had a conference call between Kelvin from the extended warranty provider (Assurant) and Gordon from front of them both this Gordon from LG stated quite clearly that I had been issued a full refund check from LG on 10/29/15 and that I would receive it in 5 business days from that date, he said I would receive it by Friday (10/6/15) and LG would be in contact with me to retrieve the machine from my home. Kelvin said he was surprised I was getting the full amount as apparently LG often depreciates the value of their merchandise and Assurant usually makes up the difference.

Upon receiving this info that I was getting a full refund check in the amount I had originally paid for the unit (receipt total is $983.37) I ordered another refrigerator from Home Depot. Because of all of Maria's hard work I wanted to show my appreciation in all that she had done in rebuilding my faith in your company. On Friday I did not receive the check. I emailed a contact from LG, Michael, to check the status of the check. He informed me I had not been issued one. He told me Home Depot had apparently misinformed me and I would only be given a pro-rated check of about $596.79. I told him fine, let's go ahead as I believed Assurant would make up the difference. Then he said that LG would only give me the check if I purchased another LG out of pocket, sent them the receipt, then they would get the paperwork to me and issue the pro-rated check.

I was unable to get in touch with Kelvin on Friday as his voice mail kept picking up. I can't tell you the pain and suffering this entire experience has caused me and my family. We have been weeks without a refrigerator and this is unacceptable and quite shocking behavior. How could a rep from your company not know what they promised or said? How could you call me a liar when by your own words the phone call was recorded? Now all records are gone of that call and no one can tell me who this Gordon person representing LG is? And all because of your "hassle free" extended warranty.

I have not been given any satisfaction on this issue. The amount of work that I have put into this and the number of different stories I have been told is like something out of a bad movie. I purchased the original unit from Home Depot, Assurant holds the extended warranty that I also purchased for the product. It is completely unacceptable for such a big company to treat your customer's this way. You are responsible.

I deserve a refund immediately. There is no way a consumer should expect to be without a refrigerator for weeks without replacement/refund when the consumer purchased your warranty. It is also unacceptable (borderline ridiculous) that I have spent weeks on this issue. I am your customer and I feel betrayed, lied to, and taken advantage of. And for what? My issue is like pennies to your huge corporation, but to me and my family it is much more.

I lost 3 refrigerators full of food every time LG came to so-call repair the unit. They came 4 times. The 4th time the tech unplugged the unit and declared it unrepairable. From there it has been a nightmare of phone calls, dropped calls, lost faxes (at my own cost), delay tactics, and flat out lies! I was never even told by Home Depot extended warranty that I could file a claim for food loss. The three times they came to "repair" it the tech pumped Freon into it, every time he left the Freon leaked. I have suffered headaches, nausea, and overall ill feelings whenever in the kitchen as have my family. I found out later they were all side effects from Freon poisoning. Now no one is helping me or taking responsibility for this outrageous incident save Maria from the local store.

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