I called to get a quote on my house. This was my 8th quote of the day as I was comparing options. Whereas every other company takes the key statistics of your home to estimate the value, this ghetto (I mean this in not the nicest of ways) agent asks me what my home is worth. I am a bit surprised but tell her $300,000. She laughs and tells me that there is no way my home is worth that much – without asking a single detail about the home. I tried to have an adult conversation with her explaining that of my earlier quotes they ranged from $280k to $440k, that $300k was in line with recent assessments from a refi, all to no avail – she couldn't believe it. It is a wonder that this company has any customers at all; if this is how they treat a customer at the point of sale I would hate to see what their claims service is like.

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