I did a claim for a replacement. I got the replacement but when I sent the device back, got lost in transit. For some reason the postal office know nothing about it, but plot is they now are charging me for the device that I didn't lost and that I don't have it! Like is my responsibility if the USPS lost the device!!! No complaint about the USPS. These things happens, besides they were very helpful and professional in their customer service.instead these guys they are not just charging me for something it's not my fault, they are charging me for something it's their fault!

When I got the first letter about the issue a very clueless representative said to me that I should disregard the letter and that they got the device. "It's was a mistake maybe" she said. And a month later they charged me! A MONTH without notice! (After two weeks USPS does not keep missed items.) Maybe I could have done something if someone had told me in time! These people are really unprofessional. They just not give an awful customer service, they want to steal from me US400.00 for something that it's their fault!

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