I have a Comprehensive Vehicle protection plan with Assurant Solutions via USAA Extended Vehicle Protection plan. The plan outlines around 9,000 items that are covered for repair if they malfunction. My policy does not have any exceptions to the "malfunctions, " just that if my damaged/malfunctioning item is listed as a covered item, they will fix it. However, my CD player is malfunctioning by not ejecting CDs. They are telling me that they will not pay for this, as it is not a "mechanical/electrical malfunction." They said this is "normal wear and tear." I said that nowhere in my contract does it list my CD player, or other 9,000 items in normal wear in tear. It does list several items under normal wear and tear, such as light bulbs, belts, oil, etc (common sense items).

They then tried telling me that it is not "malfunctioning." Apparently a CD player that does not work, play the CD that is inserted, and does not eject the CD inserted does not meet the definition of "malfunctioning." The person on the phone then said, "If you didn't have our insurance, would you still get it fixed? Then why not just pay for it yourself to get it fixed." I didn't pay over $1,000 to have them tell me to fix everything myself, especially when my policy agreement with them says otherwise.

They are flat out refusing to repair the CD player. Additionally, I am very disappointed that they are not open on weekends to handle vehicle repair issues. Because they are not open on weekends, I must keep my car there until Monday to have the mechanic speak with someone at Assurant to discuss the repairs. Their "substitute transportation" that allows you to get a rental must be approved by them as well. So I cannot get a rental or get my vehicle fixed (or begin the repairs) until they give approval (which took them 24 hours to provide). Very upset with the lie I was sold. If I had the spare time, I would take them to small claims court for violating our contract, but instead I'm going to deal with USAA to give me a full refund for the money I paid Assurant.

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