On Nov 8,2015 I went to drop off my in laws to the airport. We had to take the train to get to the terminal. While exiting the train my 2 year decided to run back in so I grabbed him really fast. My phone fell out of my pocket between the train and the train track and the security there didn't allow me to try to get it which I totally understand. He also was not going to risk to get it. When the train left, it was nowhere to be seen.

I called Assurant on Nov 8. They 1st said it takes 24 hours and they will ship my new phone. Well no — it took 4 business days. Meanwhile I had to call from Monday thru Thursday until they approved my claim. I got my phone. So Nov 20 I was looking at my Tmobile bill and it's 650. For what? I looked and Assurant charged me a non return fee of 420. I called Tmobile and told them she looked thru my account and said that it had nothing to do with the claim done on Nov 8. It was a claim done on my phone that fell back in Nov 8 but I never did that damage claim. So she then told me it was sent to New York. I never left Chicago so I then called Assurant.

They informed me that there was another one done back in March and that they sent my account to fraud because 2 phones were shipped out to New York and the 3rd one out to my address. So I told him "That's funny when I, the account holder, called and made a claim, you guys had me send a sworn letter and you guys took so many proof from me and took you guys 5 days to send me my phone. But, someone does fraud you send them a phone the next day." He goes "I understand you are mad but you have to wait until the fraud review get done within 10 to 15 days."

I am very disappointed in Tmobile and Assurant because I have a password on my account. Also before anything is to be done they have to call me on my main line and what do they do? They did the total opposite of what's written on my account. Not only am I being charged for 2 phone I have no idea who has them and he has access to my account and has my name and SS. This is really messed up in so many ways. We'll keep you updated as soon as I get this done with.

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