I have been paying for cellphone insurance on four devices for approximately 2.5 years and never made a claim. That is until November 8th, 2015 when my daughter's phone stopped working. The claim filing process was easy enough and I received an email that it was being reviewed and I would be notified in 24 hours. I waited two days and nothing. So I checked their website for an update. There was a message that I needed to contact them. When I called, I was told that my claim was denied but they would not tell me why. They said I violated my policy agreement but refused to tell me what I did. They told me I should go to the phone store. I immediately went to the store.

The gentleman at the AT&T store called them for me. They told him that I had placed 5 previous claims… I found this not only disturbing but considered it a privacy violation. They would not tell me what happened but are basically accusing me of insurance fraud. Please note that I was never contacted by Asurion when these alleged claims were filed and they continued to take my money every month. Their actions are what is criminal here, not mine. I have been robbed monthly and was misled into believing I had coverage when all the time Asurion had no intentions of ever holding up their end of the agreement. This type of business practice has got to be illegal.

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