I try not to write negative posts but after dealing with Asurion yesterday I have to.in March 2015 I did a phone replacement with them and received a replacement phone that did not work and they were helpful in sending another replacement phone. Unfortunately in October my daughter dropped her phone and cracked the screen so we had to do another replacement. Paid the $150.00 charge for a used phone and again received a phone that did not work on 27 October 2015. Ran to Apple and the AT&T store on 29 October and was told the phone should have never been sent out so I called that day for a replacement phone for the replacement phone we received. "No problem", they said and it would be sent out the next day. This was after several hours of run-around so I was relieved I was done with this issue.

On 6 November 2105 I called to find out where the phone was and was told the person never completed the order. Went through the chain of events and was told it was taken care of and would be shipped and I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was disconnected. Promptly called back, told my story again and found out the person I had just spoken to hadn't completed the order either, the gentleman who helped me this time was very nice; but, I asked to speak to a supervisor. Told the supervisor the drama and asked why and how employees were not held responsible for not completing their jobs and with all the time and effort I had to put into getting a replacement phone for a defective phone they sent me what could she do. I would have been happy with a pair of headphones and in her rude tone of the whole that they had nothing to do with compensation or problems since it was all AT&T's fault.

Called AT&T and again told the story and was told any problems with warranty was all Asurion and they had nothing to do with. The gentleman at AT&T spent 40 min trying to get a supervisor at Asurion and when he did and patched me through I got more were really busy and basically it's not our fault that our employees don't do their job; but, we will send you the replacement out.

To get a replacement phone for the replacement phone that I had to pay $150.00 for I have spent over six hours on the phone with Asurion and they acted like they were doing something wonderful to send out a phone for the broken one they sent and really did something over the top by saying they will send me a $50.00 gift card. Only time will tell if they actually send the gift card and I know I'm not holding my breath. Going to start checking with other cell phone carriers to see who does their warranty and will drop AT&T if they don't use this company. Wish negative stars were available because I would go below zero on this one.

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