Nov 7 my phone received water damage. Nov 8 I filed a claim. I went faxed them 2 pieces of documentation & they kept telling me to wait 3 hours to call back. I waited and process ran smooth. Received phone on Nov 10. The phone will not connect to my provider. I take it to MetroPCS & they get me on the phone with Asurion. They basically tell me it could take anywhere from 24-48 hours. I'm now on day 4 with no phone. Asurion won't do anything besides tell me it will be 24-48 hours. The guy at the Metro store says he thinks the phone was "blacklisted" in the warehouse, so it would be unusable or stolen. But then some moron didn't do his job and I received a blacklisted phone. So now I've paid my $70 phone bill and my stupid insurance just to lose 4 days. And after paying my deductible I could have spent another $20 and just gotten a new phone and avoided all of this.

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