One evening my daughter loses her brand new iPhone 6. She didn't have it a month. We called to make a claim. Explained to the operator several times that it was an iPhone 6 and that it was my daughter's phone. She even talked to them about it. They told us it would arrive on Tuesday, it was a Sunday. On Tuesday morning I attempt to call my doctor. I have no service. I have to call Sprint. They say that my phone had been reported stolen and therefore shut off. How is that possible? My daughter's iPhone 6 was the lost item not my Galaxy 6. Talked to Asurion… The nightmare begins. No one could turn my phone back on, after explaining that my phone was not lost. Asurion kept saying Sprint had to do it and Sprint said Asurion had to do it. I was then told that I had to wait 24 hours for it to be released.

After talking to numerous people (Sprint & Asurion) I waited the 24 the meantime, sitting on my dining room table is a replacement Galaxy 6. I don't want it. My original phone is still not on. Another claim has to be opened for my daughter's phone. It is to take another 3 days, but the phones are on back order. It is not guaranteed that she would be included in the next shipment. Now we have no idea when she will be getting a replacement phone. Several reps trying blame me for not making the correct claim. I explained that when I spoke with their rep, I told them it was an iPhone 6, never said anything about a Galaxy 6. They try to say that it was because of the number I gave them. Duh! I am the main person on the account, therefore in order to access my daughter's info, the rep must go through my number. This company has attempted to blame for many things.

Another day and several hours on the phone with Asurion and Sprint, too many damn hours! I still have no phone. I am disabled Vet suffering from anxiety and PTSD. I must have my phone at all times to remain in contact with medical and my sister (who aids me in trying times). Asurion doesn't care. Now they have to email someone to get my phone released, they say wait another 5 hours. When I call back in 5.5 hours, no one knows about any email. My anxiety is out the door! Mind you I have maintained my cool and refrained from cursing up a storm. Still no phone! On day 3, still with no phone, I decided to turn on the Galaxy 6 sitting on the dining room table. Lo and behold the dang thing has service. First person I call… My sister. But by day 4 my son's phone is off. What the heck?! Our Sprint service is a family package. Our service is off because I have exceeded my spending limit of $450. I didn't even know one existed.

Asurion has charged me for 2/$200 deductibles. It takes some time, but Sprint turns my service back on. I talk to several other Asurion reps and finally get one that understands. She credits my account $400. I was content for the moment. My daughter was still without a phone. I didn't want this replacement phone. I wanted the one that I walked out of the Sprint store with. It was nice to talk to someone with concern. The next day I go to the Sprint store to get my numbers transferred to the replacement phone. Have them look at the billing and it shows a $400 credit. What a relief, it went through. I attempt to have my original phone turned back on. Again Asurion says Sprint has to turn it back and vice versa. Still have to use replacement phone, a total nuisance.

When the Sprint rep calls Asurion and conference call with the three of us, he is amazed and surprised at the disservice. The rep was rude and useless. It was then that I started to curse like a sailor. They had hit my breaking point. I am physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. I can no longer argue with these people. I can no longer listen to one person say one thing and another say something totally different. I even asked the reps if they worked for the same company, with hesitation the say they do. This pain and suffering for a service that I am paying for. I have A phone, my daughter finally gets hers. I am content.

The story doesn't end there. My phone service gets turned off again. I have exceeded my spending limit again. Asurion has removed the $400 credit. I again owe $400. What the heck! When I talked to the rep for Asurion he rudely stated "I would never the credit." That was after talking to another rep who stated that it would take 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear. This is all happens during week two. At some point after I finally get an Asurion rep who decides to release my original phone. Again after talking to several Asurion reps for several hours, which stated I had to return the phone that was sent to me. Some said it had to show it was in route. Others said that it had to be in their warehouse. They don't know what the heck they need. One common factor was that they were willing to leave me with no phone. That wasn't an option.

The nice Asurion rep releases my original phone; of course she made it sound like she was doing me a favor. Yahoo! I have my original phone back. The nightmare is not over. I am still being charged for two deductibles. I explain to Sprint that this is their fault because they are contracted with such an ill company. I tried to get my original $400 credit back, to no avail. The best I could out of Sprint was $230 credit. At least that was enough to cover my daughter's cost. I dropped off that replacement phone in the mailbox, my second mistake (first was getting insurance) was I didn't get it certified. It should have arrived by now, but it hasn't.

Sprint is giving the phone to arrive by November 11,2015. Let's see what the meantime, I am going to see about other resources to replace my phones. I am going to start up a savings account just for phone replacements or repairs. I have no desire to ever deal with Asurion again. It is not worth the heartache, stress and anxiety. This company needs to be put out of business.

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