Purchased a replacement plan for my phone via FIDO. Having no need to use it for the first year, I was unaware of how long I would wait for a phone I prepaid to have delivered the next day. With apologies, Asurion refunded my additional purchase for expedited delivery but the phone delivered was already water damaged. Consumers who are less tech-savvy may be unaware of indicators to review prior to accepting a product is in good condition. Sending the phone back, I asked for a replacement that was not water damaged. The customer service rep did not file my report or submit my claim. I called again to ensure that my phone was on the way and in three days received a new replacement phone. I returned the water-damaged replacement in the package provided and reviewed my new phone once more. The same water damage indicators were triggered.

Calling through to file a new replacement claim, the SAME fellow from my first missed complaint yet again did not send or submit my replacement claim. After a week of waiting, I call back to inquire after my replacement phone and ensure the water damaged phones are pulled from their deliveries in case some poor unfortunate consumer receives a defective product as part of the replacement plan purchased. Now it is 10 days beyond the last call I placed, this company is unapologetic for its disregard to consumers. Terrible to think of those taken by this disgusting company.

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