When I purchased my phone, Verizon told me the deductible was $149. When I told Verizon my phone was stolen, Verizon again told me the deductible was $149. When I called Asurion, they told be the deductible was $199. I filed a claim with accurate details. After several email and telephone interactions, they sent the wrong phone. When I called Asurion and asked to speak to a senior representative, the only thing that "Phyllis" could say was "Sorry, that is human error. I am sure that you make mistakes too." When I asked that she cease being condescending and just provide me her identification information so that I could file a complaint, she continued talking, blaming me for failing to sympathize with Asurion. Her rudeness and unprofessionalism is indicative of the kind of poor customer service that one can expect from Asurion. Hence, when it comes to Asurion, buyer beware.

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