ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Don't let these "Official Company" replies deceive you into thinking their support staff are actually helping users with defective products.

I'm posting here again after receiving an encouraging message from Asus, asking me to contact them so that we could work something out with this failed laptop. Turns out, it was a generic email address, and I sent my grievances to another random support staffer, who glanced over the entire body of my email to simply suggest providing a receipt proving that my laptop is within the 1-year warranty period.

Here's me story, I spoke to two different tech support staff and they both quoted a repair price significantly lower than what I'd later receive. I was completely mislead to send my laptop in for a $210 motherboard replacement (plus $100 in shipping) when the invoice later became $745.

I've received some official apologies for the inconvenience, (it took over a month to go through the process of having my unrepaired laptop returned after I couldn't afford the repair bill that was over 3x the quoted price) but Asus is absolving itself of any responsibility since I'm beyond the warranty period.

If you'd like to peruse a list of disgruntled Asus customers that have suffered the same issues, with the same faulty motherboard, feel free to go through this list:

It's very clear that there's been a consistent issue, but Asus insists on leaving its users to pay exorbitant repair bills to return their products to proper working order.

I really didn't expect a high-end laptop to have a life cycle of little over a year, especially when I've maintained the fans, kept it on a cooling pad and have taken good care of it.

ASUS, please stop attempting to make your company look good by replying to these customer complaints, unless you're actually offering something other than apologies and excuses. Your business practices are shameful.

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