Hai this is Bhavani Prasad from Hyderabad, I brought ASUS ZENfone ZE551ML through Flipkart in the month of May'2015. After a brief stint of 4 months, one fine morning my Fone was dead by showing USB symbol with white bar under neath. Then i have forwarded my Fone to REGENERISIS SERVICE CENTRE, Secunderbad. After preliminary diagnosis, they told me that it will take 3 or 4 working days to rectify the the problem.

Now itwas already 15 days, still they were unable to rectify the problem.

The problem i came to know from the service guys is MOTHER BOARD DAMAGED. And they have given a dead line that the same will be received by 12th November. But today when i called the service and call center they were not in a position to give the correct date.

My question to you is ASUS IS PROCLAIMED AS SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE GAINT, then why this unnecessary situation you were creating, Just it is matter of one day to ship the hardware from Taiwan/Singapore. If really there is scarcity of hardware then why don't ASUS replace my Fone.

If ASUS fails on after sales service. Then this could be a major setback on your brand value which inturn a wrong publicity among the customers. Already this publicity has started and to detain it further you have to act on warfooting.

Anticipating an explanation/action in this regard.

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