I would adamantly NOT recommend either Asus products or service.
We bought 2 Asus T100 transformers. The first was last year: it collapsed after two months, had to be returned for service whereupon the screen was replaced, and now, just a year later the battery appears to be going (it needs charging after 2 hours…).
The second was purchased in February this year.in September the battery went, so was sent off for service. That took 2 weeks. Three days later it froze, and had to be returned yet again. For nearly 3 weeks. Each time pick up and drop off had to be arranged. The email exchange on the matter is below — but ultimately the response was go to the service website if you need it serviced — which is what the complaint was about!!!
There does not appear to be a proper customer service department anywhere in the world, in which you can speak to someone with authority; just these daft websites and a technician at the end of a phone.
I have been using computers of various brands for over 20 years and I have never — ever! — had such hardware problems.
Not only is this a massive waste of time and money, but it means I now have to go and find a real tablet and computer.
appalling products and service!!!

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