I bought a tablet a year ago in 2014. This was due to how highly a friend mentioned of
your company and of his tablet. It worked great at first. Then the usb dock on the
keyboard started randomly not working. For a while it wouldn't work at all. I stopped
using it. The tablet then starting having charging issues, where it would be charging,
then die within a few hours, not being used at all. I sent it in on RMA uspc5a2066.
this rma process was a joke, You received it on 10/23/15, starting working on it on
10/26/15 and then finally sent me a replacement unit after it was determined that
some part between the usb and the battery wasn't available. This happened on Nov
9th. I received the tablet on Nov 11th. 2 hours later, the unit was broken and I was
creating another rma, (USX35B0777). I ran through the setup process, it then asked
to do a system update, that went fine, It then asked to do another system update.
Odd but ok, it stopped there and wouldn't turn on. I contacted support who stated it
looks like hardware. The next day I went to do some further troubleshooting from
support and it wouldnt even appear to power on. This is the same results as what the
orignal unit had happen. The rma arrived at your facility on 11/17/15

I am so disappointed in this entire process, The original rma case went beyond the 5-7 days. I didn't find out what happened on the rma till I created a complaint ticket. Then it went another 6 days
before I received my tablet back. Then to have both units appear to be hardware. Now, this rma hasn't even been checked in for repair yet. It has been 6 days sitting in receiving. Who knows how long it will be to get it fixed and back to me. I am told nothing other than when I either call or create a worthless complaint ticket. Horribly disappointed.

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