I bought an Asus Zenbook in May 2015, and after 5 months of regular use (Masters student, no kids), the hinge broke. They have a walk-in repairing center in NYC, so I went there and they told me that they did not fix any physical damages. So I had to call, and after over an hour on the phone, I was told to send my computer to California ON MY EXPENSE! I need my computer to work and study every day, but they don't care about that. They assume that I can work and study without a computer for 2 weeks.

When I finally agreed to send the computer to be repaired, I was told that the cost of repairing it is $380 dollars or more, which I would have to pay to get the computer repaired in case they diagnose that the damage occurred due to a misuse (???) of the product. Taking into consideration their morality (they make products of a poor quality with very bad materials), I really doubt that they will be impartial in their diagnostic. Any recommendations?

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