I have never experienced such poor customer service as I have from Asus Canada. I purchased the S 8.0 tablet in September and could not find the tricover for it in Canada. I sent a message to Asus customer support 9/15 asking when it would be available and was informed that product support would get back to me… No reply. I followed up 11/4 asking why they have the tricover on the corporate site and yet the authorized retailers do not carry it, they carry the tablets but not the cases. I also mentioned I called Asus USA and they have the cases in stock but do not ship to Canada and wanted to know when they would have them. The response from Stephen:"Please check back with our eStore or authorized retailer later."

Wow… Thanks for the outstanding service level after 2 months. I already have two memo pads and a $400 zenpad that I want to protect with a good case and I can't even get an ETA.

Don't think I would have the same service if I bought an iPad mini which I would have saved 40 bucks on so this is it for Asus products for me, that's how annoyed I am.

if anyone at Asus cares to follow up

Yours Truly,

Ticked at Asus

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