I purchased an Asus Transformer T200 as a substitute laptop whilst travelling (from next week) because my previous Android tablet could not update its operating system.
The Asus T200 comes full of stickers: ' plays well with windows 10' etc.
My first T200 could not update to Win10 as it said it needed 6Gb (of a 32Gb disc – half seems to be partitioned for recovery – not sure what I can clear down).
After 2 weeks, the charging port (or something) seemed to fail and wouldn't take a charge. So it was returned for replacement.
The second unit also wanted to update (as do I, since, apart from a specific freezing issue, I love Win10 on my main laptop). Since this one says it has just over 6Gb free, I thought it a good idea (and hoped it would delete Win 8 to make room for other apps).
However, NOW it says Win10 needs 8Gb!!!
Can someone from Asus please call me to tell me how to get Win10 on this unit?!!

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