I would say I am very disappointed at their warranty service.
I bought a X-20rTA asus 11 inch machine (full price less than $300), with normal usage for 10 months, the display began to have issue and completely no display in 11 months.
called Asus warranty support, they issued RMA, but I need to pack my machine and I should pay to ship them back (in contrast to many warranty service). I asked will I be responsible for the charge of shipping back. Clearly more than three times, they told me that Asus will be responsible for shipping back at Asus cost.
Four days after they received, I got an email with invoice of
1. $320 to replace LCD
2. $10 to ship back.
Asus used some defective LCD on some small screens. Their tablet has tons of LCd issue and they finally decided to replace those. My machine is under normal usage. No physical damage at all. Screen glass is still perfect. But they decline the warranty service.
Even worse… Is… They can not honor their own words… Asus is responsible for shipping back at Asus cost… They charge me to ship it back.
I was originally considering purchase another asus machine. But now I really hesitate

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