Recently – (11/8/15), I was assisted by Giovonni T., technician at the help desk.

I would like to commend him to you for outstanding ability, professionalism to solve my problem. A problem which was created by the original technician who set up my new compter on line after my purchase.

I would also point out, that on my original instillation for a new ASUS computer purchased 7/6/15 for the Windows 10, and for update of the ASUS manager, I was erronously given a ASUS manager for windows 8.1. This has caused hours of problems until now by this tech. Giovonni T., saw this error immediately and solved the entire problem which I have had for the past several months. I now have the ASUS computer which I paid for and which is operating at full mode.

Thank you,

Thomas Jeffers

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