Went with my sister to inquire about certified used car she was looking for. Met with salesperson who took info and came up with 4 cars for us to look at. We found 1 with low mileage about 8000 that had everything we needed. We went back to his desk and discussed pricing and when he was asked about warranty and the 10 year 100M miles he said that it would be additional cost. The website clearly says that the car was certified and we asked about that. He said it could be certified for additional cost. I asked about Carfax and he said "No problem" and a short while later actually produced one. He stated how it was clean and gave copy to my sister to keep. We told him that we would take a day to think it over and then he brought in another person to tell us that if we had concerns they would handle it. We explained about our concerns and he said same thing about additional cost to certify and we left.

Next day sales rep calls my sister to ask her about the car and she was unhappy about the additional cost to certify and he flat out says he never said it would be additional cost. When she started to mention about what she found on Carfax he hung up phone on her. This place is a disaster avoid it at all cost or you will be ripped off.

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