Called the 1st time over 2 years ago to get internet service. Was told then they would have to check and they said to sing up on their web site, which I did. I called last year and was told we don't have service in your area and they couldn't tell me anything else other than I would get a call from a tech, never did. Called a few months ago and was told they do have service and a tech would call back and never received any call at all from a tech nor anyone from AT&T. I just got off the phone after being hung up by a customer service rep and then called back and was transferred 4 times at least as they didn't know where to transfer me to and still gave me the run around and gave really no help at all. It looks as if they really don't want any more customers even though there are some customers in our neighborhood and I see their truck going to other neighbors. They really have such bad customer service.

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