I have never been through such crap in my life. I would rather not have a TV if I had to have Uverse. The service went out 2 or 15 times a day. I had 7 service calls all different guys and it could not be fixed. It went out 10 times in one day. I damn near had a stroke from being so MAD. We're not through yet. I returned the equipment (that 's a stretch calling it equipment). They billed me for it and I went back to my other company and they sent me a bill for my freaking Uverse.

Today I have been gone long enough to have paid 2 months worth of service with the other company. I HATE Uverse. They did nothing right, not the bill not the service, nothing. And the darn people that jump you when you go in a phone store don't know their butt from first base about Uverse and they pester the crap out of you. I don't know my order number… And while we are on the subject why do I have to have another password for a stupid TV service? I am giving you my account number. I don't know an account number. I will never be back.

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