I've been a Uverse customer for nearly 5 years. The install took 4 different visits before getting it right, but was pleased with the service. I'm now experiencing equipment issues, outside and inside but AT&T will not update any of it. I now have had service out again, on Monday and it's been over 48 hours with no service tech showing up. The service tech was suppose to come between 12-4 on Tuesday, but here it is Wednesday at 3 pm and still no service tech has shown up. Multiple calls to support, but they really do not care at all about what you're feeling or the pain it's caused.

No TV, no home phone therefore no 911 service and they simply do not care. The prices increase each year and they will not give any discounts so beware! I have found I can switch to TWC and it will be half the price I'm paying now for same service but much higher internet speeds. Please do stay away from Uverse, do not choose them. Once in it's extremely hard to disconnect from their services. They won't let you go easy!

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