My husband and I just bought our first home together. We got all the carpets cleaned by Stanley steamer who did an amazing job by the way along with the tile in the bathrooms, main reason was we have a baby who just started crawling. We then had AT&T install our two TVs. Steven was our install representative who came to our home. He started with the tv in the master and then came downstairs to install our living room TV. He went outside a couple times and I made the mistake of assuming he had new booties on. Well I was wrong because after he left I noticed dark marks throughout where my carpet had just been cleaned all the way upstairs. It continues with the horrible experience, I was downstairs in the living room with the baby and had a couple boxes I hadn't gotten around to putting away from the love yet.

Well Steven took it upon himself to look through our boxes looking for our DVR to hook up without even asking where it was first! I stood there shocked and asked, "Ummm excuse me what are you looking for?" Then he told me and I got it for him. He then had our living room hooked up and just ran back up stairs acting like he just owned the place so to speak. I was in the middle of changing my son so couldn't follow him right away and by the time I was done I heard my master bathroom toilet flush and he came running down the stairs. So I had then walked upstairs to double check if this unprofessional piece of actually used my bathroom without permission and sure enough he did so running back down the stairs he was heading out my door with his stuff already packed. So I followed him out and asked if he had used my bathroom. He had said, "Ummmm yeah!"

Super rude as if he did nothing wrong! I was in such shock. I said, "You should have asked first and why would you just go into my bedroom when I have a bathroom downstairs you could've asked to use? I assumed you were working and now I just feel extremely violated in my own home." Like what else was he doing up there when I just thought he was doing his job but instead he was sneaking around in my home ruining my carpet, using my personal space and looking through my belonging. I then filed a claim with AT&T which they go through a separate company for claims. Took a week to hear back from that other company not even the manager had enough balls to call me just to tell me "I'm sorry we spoke with Steven and he is denying any of that." So basically not believing me at all!

They asked for pictures, I sent them. They asked for an estimate from Stanley steamer to clean the spots, I sent that as well and just decided to brush me off as if I'm nothing. I've had AT&T for cable and Internet for years now and can not believe how my family and I were treated! Good thing we have friends in the news that are going to announce how they treat their customers. So just a heads up if you have a Steven coming to your house for install follow him around every inch of your house because he obviously cannot be trusted with your property and lacks respect along with showing he must of been raised by wild animals. I've never been so upset and disappointed in my life! I've been in customer service for 16 years and never would I treat anyone this way, whatever happened to the customers always right with this "company". Oh well they lost two accounts for sure from us!

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