When AT&T solicited me to 'update' my internet with them via fiber-optics new to our neighborhood, I bit and signed up, purchasing a compatible modem. This summer, I had connection issues and, after a short 'test', they said they would have to replace my modem. They sent the same type modem and I returned theirs. Later, I find they replaced my purchased modem with a leased modem, increasing my rate $7.00 per month. When I called to complain that I was not informed of that, they credited back $7.00 and, because I'm such a loyal sucker customer they gave me a "free internet speed" upgrade. That, as it turns out, was a promotion that is free for six months, then it's a $5.00 per month increase.

The replacement modem did not solve the connection issue, it turned out to be an external wiring problem they corrected. Looking for an alternative, but the reviews for the industry as a whole are so bad it's very much like trying to pick a candidate for president… Who's the best out of the worst bunch of crooks running.

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