When I signed up to U-Verse I purchased the modem so I did not have to lease. Few year in, they started charging me to lease the modem. I called and they could not take the charge off. So they reimburse me every year and give me promotion. 3 or 4 years of doing it every year gets a bit annoying but getting some promotion so ok. This time I get to promotion and the lady told me it was not a lease fee but a "insurance" fee. I told her that "Why am I being charged for insurance on my own equipment when I did not ask for it and you cannot take it off?" She told me that it is like car insurance. Everyone need to have it and if the modem broke they would just replace it. I asked "What is the difference between lease then?" I had enough and cancelled the service.

After I cancelled the service, I get email telling me to return my modem otherwise they charge me $150. I talked to AT&T Customer relations and they verified that I was not charged for the lease fee then few years later I was charge. However he said that it does not show I bought it the modem, yet he claims he has the receipt in front of him. How can I not be charged initially then charge few years later? Guess I'll be sending back MY modem that I purchased!

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