Just need to vent. Bought a battery from Auto Zone. Had a 5 year warranty with 36 no replacement cost. Didn't even last 3 years. They were good and replaced. Not even 2 years later went out again. Now this is for my car and has left me stranded several times. Thank God I was in a safe place. Well it was taken back and they charged Paul almost $90. Stated that is the store policy. I wasn't with him or the battery would not have come from there. I would have paid the difference and taken my business elsewhere. Have spent quite a bit of money over the years there. I called today just to talk to the manager and let him know how disappointed I was that two 5 year batteries combined didn't last 5 years and he not so politely told me that I shouldn't expect a 5 year battery to last 5 years because we live in a hot area and I should be glad that it lasted almost 2. To say the least I was pissed and told him that he has another auto store across the street and down the street and I would take my business elsewhere. HE told me to do what I felt I needed to do. This is Auto Zone on Ashley Phosphate. Sorry store manager didn't give a flying rats butt that a female was stranded and could have been mugged, killed, raped or God only knows what. How would he have felt is this were his mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend? Felt like I was treated this way because I am a woman. I do not appreciate this

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