Called because I thought I might have a security breach. Two days, 6 technicians, $120 later, my computer will not work. The 5th tech I spoke with said there was nothing more they could do. The 6th tech gave me the number for billing. They decided that because I had used tech time that nothing would be refunded. They reminded me that there were "no guarantees". I reminded them that I started with a functioning computer and ended with a dead one. They did not panic late yesterday I took my computer to a local tech who knows what he is doing to have him extract important data (This is a computer I use for work. It has patient information on it). According to Avast, by doing that, I voided any possibility of a refund. So I am out 120 dollars. I have no computer. I owe the tech who extracted the data $200 and I have to probably buy a new hard drive or, more likely, a new computer. I don't think this is a company I would recommend to anyone – ever. Poor poor customer service. I am contacting the credit card company and putting the charge in dispute. I have Avast on all my computers and phones… When those contracts re done… So am I. Very very bad business.

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