Dear Neil and AVID President Louis Hernandez, Jr.,

I have a major complaint with Avid. I am trying to direct this to the above parties, but you might also be able to help me. How do I get this letter to Neil and Mr. Hernandez, Jr., Tel #?

We purchased both Pro Tools and Sibelius through your client Sweetwater. They are charging $99 for an upgrade to Pro Tools 12.

I can certainly understand if we are just getting more features we should have to pay. But I bought my current Mac because the previous Mac was not compatible with Pro Tools.

Now Pro Tools 11 is not compatible with El Capitan OS on my Mac. So I don't believe it is right that I have to pay more to upgrade when 11 should be compatible.

Sweet water said I would have to take that up with Avid. We are going to have the same issue with Sibelius which we purchased..

All I am asking for is upgrades for both Pro Tools 12 and what upgrade I would need for Sibelius.

I would think that Avid and Apple would not want to suffer public relations and bad press nightmare. But there were a host of Pro Tools users who had the same issues.

I also realize that issues happen. But I do not think it is fair that I have to be punished for issues not of my making.

We had a number recall issues on our Nissan car, also not our fault. Nissan replaced the parts and paid for the labor. We did not.

Imagine the news stories that would come out if Nissan refused to pay the cost of recall issues, and face the reports to better business bureau, etc.

Similarly, I believe Avid should do the same! Even your website states:

"Avid is committed to improving your experience"

So here is your perfect opportunity to improve our experience.

Tragically, we had no warning until right in the middle costly recording sessions.

I look forward to your prompt reply!


James Sundquist

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