I prepaid on 10/31/2015 to pick up a rental on 11/7/2015 for 5 days at the rate of 339.09. I arrived in an Uber 11/7/2015 and was told at THAT moment there would be an additional hold charge of $100. I informed the clerk I did not have that on my credit card and asked if she could modify it by taking 2 days off so I could afford the hold charge. She said she couldn't do anything because it was prepaid. So I again called an Uber and went home. I then called the 800 number. They said they modified it so I could get the car now. Requested another Uber to return to Avis just to get there and receive the news that nothing was changed.

The clerk calls the 800 number to see if they can release the funds sooner than 5 to 7 days because I need the car for work and with them holding my money I couldn't even Uber to work. She said they would release it in full about 3 hours without taking $100 for cancelling since I wasn't trying to cancel just Modify. I still haven't received anything. Such a horrible first experience. Now I'm stuck worrying If I can get to work. Thanks. I guess the 800 number just tells you what you want to hear. They gave me a case number, a reference number and a name so I'll be following up soon.

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