I rented a car for 1 day from Avis at TAMBO Airport in Johannesburg on October 31st. I made reservation through American Airlines website and the total cost was $63 because I would return the car past 24 hours on the next day, which is fine. The car pick up process was fine. I filled up the tank on my way back to the airport and when I returned the car, the person who took the keys said everything was fine so I went on my way.

When I looked at my credit card statement, the charge was $107. I called Avis to find out what the difference was about and they said it was fuel charge and a miscellaneous charge for using the air conditioner. Using the air conditioner??? Nobody told me when I was signing the papers that they charge extra for turning on the air conditioner. The contract doesn't say anything about that either. The customer service person told me she couldn't do anything about this extra charge. If I could provide a copy of the gas receipt, they could refund me. I provided the receipt and they declined the refund saying that they couldn't read the date on the receipt. The date is clear: 01/11/2015 at 14:18 local time.

I travel the world for business and I've rented cars in many countries, including Mexico, and I never had to deal with issues like this. This is my first time using Avis and it will definitely be the last one. Very disappointed at such a scam. Thank goodness for credit card charge dispute. My credit card company was prompt in resolving the issue for me and refunding the extra charge posted by Avis.

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