Michael and I feel that we need to defend ourselves and let people know of your poor customer service. We rented a 2015 15-passenger van from AVIS in Springfield, MO on July 31st. We walked around the van for the damage inspection and did NOT see any issues. As you know, the van sits tall and we did not see a chip in the windshield from standing on the ground. We turned in the damage form and got in the van to start our vacation. We then noticed a chip in the windshield.

Michael went back into the building to let the gentlemen working know about the chip in the windshield that we did not notice until we got in to leave. The guy said, "It is no big deal, it is wear and tear." So WE BELIEVED HIM. We were excited and left for our vacation. We returned the van in great condition. We then received a letter regarding a claim about a chip in the window. We were both shocked considering that we knew that we had let them know about the chip in the windshield before exiting the parking lot.
We called the number on the claims letter and were told that we could ask AVIS to check the security camera. We called Avis and asked to speak to themanager and was told that it was his day off. The next day Michael left work early and went directly to Avis in Springfield to speak to the manager. He was told that the manager was not there and nor was the gentlemen who rented us the van. Michael explained the situation and told the guy working to ask the manager to pull the security video and to speak to the worker who had told us that the chip was no big deal. He even pointed out the cameras and gave the scenario so that they would know what they were watching for.

He called the next day and Brian the manager would not talk to him about the claim and kept saying that it was an open investigation. Michael was still optimistic that Brian would just watch the video and know that we were telling the truth. During this time we called the lady from the claims office several times to let her know the situation but we only received her voice mail. We did leave messages for her to call us back but never heard from her. The only thing that we asked of AVIS and the claims company was for them to watch the security video so that they would observe that it all materialized exactly the way that we told them that it had. We were not lying about it and assumed that the truth would come out. We have rented from Avis in the past and just assumed it was a misunderstanding that would be corrected.
We then get a bill for the repair of the chip in the windshield and when we call about this, we are told that we got off lucky because AVIS wanted us to replace the entire windshield. AGAIN, we call the claims office and we are told that we have to talk to AVIS. AGAIN, we call AVIS and I am told rather rudely by Brian that it is too late to pull a security video AND his office would have noted the chip IF we would have told them that there was a chip in the windshield before we left the parking lot. Basically, he was calling me a liar. We are very frustrated because of the fact that no one would talk to us "because there was a claim oropen investigation".

We knew that it was essential that they look at the security video before too much time had passed, yet no one would talk or listen to us. Why wasn't our input necessary considering that the claim was against us and we had evidence to support our side of the story? This is all extremely ironic when we were trying to get them to look at the security video before it was too late so that we could prove our innocence yet when Brian finally talks to me, he tells me that "IT IS TOO LATE TO WATCH THE VIDEO". Makes you wonder who is lying in this situation?
This is the epitome of poor customer service. Not only were the workers rude, unprofessional and dishonest, but AVIS' policy does not give the customer any option to defend the truth. It is either AVIS' interpretation of the truth or nothing. This is exactly why I am letting my family, co-workers and Facebook friends know the truth. Some companies get so big that they forget that it is the customer who pays their salary. We are not lying about this, the only thing that we did wrong was to trust an AVIS employee and trust that AVIS would do the "RIGHT THING" for their customers. If we had been given the opportunity to talk tosomeone honest and they would have looked at the security video, this would have been dropped in August. THANKS AVIS.

I also need to say that since I have posted this on Facebook and talked to friends and co-workers, I am starting to hear many stories of the Springfield location's poor customer service. We usually rely heavily on reviews, however, we had used the location in the past and felt confident with their service. We are willing to show our phone records to confirm that we made several attempts to contact the claims office and Brian at the AVIS Springfield location. I am predicting that due to the fact that the security video is no longer available, we are stuck with being called a liar and paying for a chipped windshield that we had pointed out before we left the parking lot.

FYI, we did pay the bill last night, we were concerned of the repercussion that might occur due to us speaking out about the truth. Now, we can all wait and see if the poor customer service comes from the top. Since this letter to AVIS, I have been passed around with no answers. I asked why were not given the opportunity for our insurance to fix it for free? We still cannot get any answers for this situation.

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