Several times lately you do not have what I've ordered. Needless to say I'm very disapointed. I've been an Avon customer for about 45 years and in the past year I've ordered 3 different things you have not had. One was a 3stack set of turquoise rings which you later put in catalog at $19.99, sale price was 8.99. I also ordered a print dress that was very reasonable, you didn't have this last brochure you advertised a 3stack set of pearl rings #085-990 for$7.99, again you did not have them. If your company is going to advertise thing on sale they should realize that it's going yo sell well, you should make sure you have enough instead of dissapointing your customers. I've been dissapointed several times. If i'm not going to get what I order, then why should I order anything? I'm retired now and I can only afford what you put on sale.

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