Let me begin with me, I am 20 and I suffered Anorexia Nervosa since 13, I have never being able to work. I believed that maybe this was true because I have suffered very much and I was thinking about in the near future make a family. I wasted time, stress, anxiety since I was declared Bipolar 1 at 19, since then I really dont accept jokes like this because It is unfair to play with someone who lives without knowing If this effort fighting my illness is worthy, I am depressed and this is unfair, I dont work neither receive any govern compensation because I have never worked, if their is a lawyer reading this please contact me, I feel special myself I have to do it because with jokes like this I dont want an 18th going back in to hospital, my name is Alex and I believe in dreams sometimes they pretend to be and for me is harder to maintain my feelings high but I believe that if I live a couple years more maybe more I would like to change this world for those years taking this fakers giving hope for earnings but taking the little some young or elder people have, I have a bit help me going forward I just want to live not money but respect and feel loyal to my dignity. Email is [email protected] keep me in touch

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