Placed my order at 11 am. Paid for the purchase $159. Arrived at designated store to pick up order at 7 pm. Waited in line 15 minutes. There was only register opened and there were 4 customers in line. The order was incomplete and the cashier look around called someone else to help and continue helping those in line behind me. The representative who was supposed to help me open a register and began helping customers in the other line. When I asked him to call a manager he told me to wait he was helping other people. He completed two sales while I waited for an order that I had paid for in advance in to avoid waiting in the store.

After 25 minutes I received the missing item. The manager appeared as I was leaving and when I explained the situation she was dismissive. When I got home and checked to be sure the registry had been updated I found that it was missing the item that had been missing from my order. I only completed the purchase there so that the registry would be accurate. I plan to return the items to a different Babies R Us and hope the store I choose has more competent and courteous assistance. I will order the items from any other baby store.

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