We were buying baby furniture through the Babies R Us baby registry. On their website it states that all purchases over $19 are entitled to Free Shipping. The associate that was helping with the transaction said there would be no charge to ship the two pieces of furniture. When the total amount was tallied it included a $70.00 surcharge for shipping. I inquired as to why I was being charged for shipping. The manager now stepped in to answer my question. I was told that this was not a shipping charge but a surcharge for shipping. She repeatedly showed me the invoice on her computer screen that showed free shipping and a surcharge. I said that she was parsing words and that indeed I was being charged for shipping.

In the end, I had it shipped to a Babies R Us location in PA at no charge. This amounts to fraudulent advertising or at the very best a total misrepresentation of free shipping. I know the manager is towing the company line, but they should not charge for shipping under the surcharge tag. I will not shop at Babies R Us again.

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