10/02/15 – Given the wrong size flea meds. 11/03/15 – I was given the wrong heartworm meds. It was for a 55 lb dog. My dog weighs 25 lbs. 11/04/15 @ 8:25 am – I dropped off my 6 month old German Shorthaired puppy to get his last rounds of puppy vaccinations. I informed the receptionist that I would be back at 6 pm to pick him up. I brought his puppy food, a small blanket, and a toy for him to play with while I was gone. I asked the receptionist to please feed him because I hadn't eaten that morning… Around 3 pm or so I got a call telling me that my puppy was ready to go. I informed the lady on the phone that I would be in around 6 pm and I asked if Gunner (my puppy) had been fed… She told me that he had.

At 6:10 pm I arrived to pick up Gunner. The receptionist at the front desk greeted me. I told her I was there to get my dog and that he had a small red bag with toys and a blanket in it. She went back to get him and it took her quite a while… So long that I walked to the door to make sure she didn't get lost or something. Finally 13 minutes later (I'm the only person in the entire store) she brings Gunner out… His little bag and things are in a white paper bag at this time and I didn't think anything of it… I asked the lady if Gunner had been fed. She told me she wasn't sure… So I looked in the bag of food that I had left for him and it hadn't been touched. I'm irritated but I had to make Gunner's neutering appointment. Gunner and I leave headed home.

Once I got home I opened the paper bag to discover that his blanket is filled with urine… Not like he peed on it one time, but more like he peed on it all day long. Gunner is potty/Kennel trained and wouldn't use the potty in the kennel unless he wasn't let out… I called Banfield to inform them of my experience only to find out they don't answer the phone 10 minutes before close. So I called PetSmart. The manager told me it wasn't his problem and to call the corporate offices, which I did. This morning I called Banfield again, wanting to speak to a manager. I was told he wasn't there. My biggest problem with this whole experience that I had is that I know it is happening all day… They are not letting these animals out all day long.

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