I just want to comment on my visit to Banfield Pet Hospital today for my dog. I made the appt because I suspected my dog had diabetes. I dropped my dog off at 9am for them to do blood work and administer treatment. He was not due to be picked up until 6pm for my scheduled appt. I was told that he would receive treatment during the day. When I came to get him I was told that his blood sugar at 11am was 511. Normal is between 80-100. He did not receive any insulin all day! I was told by the Dr that they were too busy. That is totally unacceptable. It takes less than a minute to administer an insulin shot. I can't imagine how bad he must have felt and for them to know how high it was and do nothing about it is neglectful. He also had a very bad ear infection and was told that they did nothing for that either.

I am so upset right now. I trusted my pet to their care and he was left all day long with a blood sugar that would have sent a person to the hospital. Being busy is no excuse for the lack of concern for my pet. I do not feel comfortable having my pet seen at this facility again or any of my other pets for that matter. I am extremely disappointed and will not recommend anyone to this facility.

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