I took my 17 month old black Lab who is sick with an ear infection and also in heat, to the Banfield in Warminster, PA today. They make you drop your pet off and when the vet has time, they look at them, don't do this. Continue reading what happens when you aren't there. I received a call from vet that she did in fact have an ear infection but was also told she was given her Lyme's vaccine because she was close to needing it. Well, I was never asked if I wanted her to get the vaccine. It isn't required by law, and furthermore I told them I was leaving tomorrow for a trip and kenneling her.

Who gives Lyme to a sick dog, in heat and whose owner is leaving for a trip. No one. I also noted on the drop off sheet that she is in pain after Lyme. I was honestly not going to give that vaccine to her again. I called the main office and they took some bogus report from me and told me someone would call me back. No they won't and they don't let you cancel the wellness without charging you. Banfield is a rip off. Go elsewhere!!!

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