I took my dog into the hospital because he had a problem walking. He had a loss of balance and would not eat. The vet ran tests and said everything was normal except for an ear infection. He has had an ear infection in the past and did not act in that manner. They provided me ear drops to clear his ear infection. Three days after finishing the medicine they provided for his ear infection, my dog started having the same symptoms that I originally took him to the hospital for. I carried him back into the hospital telling them he has the same issue he had two weeks ago. They should have been able to see that because he couldn't walk. They called me back 35 mins later stating he needed to get his teeth cleaned and wanted to schedule time for dental work. I told them two weeks ago I took him to the office for his annual physical and they didn't mention that. They said everything was ok except an ear infection.

She said that it needed to be done and could not wait until I renewed my insurance in 2 months, which includes a free teeth cleaning. I told her let me schedule it in two weeks if it's that urgent. She changed up and said oh it could wait until she got back three weeks later, which I didn't understand. How can the issue go from needing to be done in 3 days to waiting for almost a month until that particular doctor got back? Needless to say, that was not what I brought the dog in for. I needed to know why he was not able to walk properly. They gave me an antibiotic for his mouth and some more ear drops saying it's just an ear infection. So I took the ear drops and tried to treat what I was told was an ear infection. Two weeks later I bring him back and they say everything is clear and to just use the ear solution provided to clean his ears once a week. That was on a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon my dog started having issues again. Monday afternoon I went to the vet and told them he has the same issue. They gave me some more ear drops to give him without even wanting to see him. They told me bring him back after completing this bottle. I gave him the medicine Mon night, Tues morning/night, and Wed morning/night. I woke up Thurs morning to go to work and found him dead on the floor beside me. I called the vet and told them he was dead. I asked if dogs could die from ear infections. They said no. I asked, "Ok then why is my dog dead when I brought him to your office 3 times in 6 weeks?" I told them, "You told me everything was fine. I was just there on Mon, he died two days later". All they said was they had no idea how he could have died and that I could get an autopsy done but it would cost up 1200 dollars because it has to be done externally.

I couldn't afford $1200 for an autopsy. I already have to pay for him to get cremated and was in total shock from his death. How can a completely healthy dog die in six weeks from an ear infection? It just didn't make sense. Needless to say, I couldn't live with the answer of "I don't know" especially after seeing him 3 times in 6 weeks. So I started doing research on my own and I discovered my dog had vestibular disease. This is something the vet is supposed to check for when dogs have the symptoms Midnight had. There are 2 types of vestibular disease, central and peripheral. Peripheral is the more common form and it's not deadly. Central is life threatening. They are supposed test to see which type he had for treatment. The type determined the treatment. They didn't test for it, as it is highly suggested, and assumed it was the peripheral type.

The vet school doc that I read said it was critical to test to determine which type the dog has before treatment. It could be the difference between life and death. They didn't perform the test needed and treated the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. I told them specifically, "Run every test you can, it didn't matter the cost. I needed to find out what was wrong with my dog".

Basically, after 6 weeks the bacteria spread to his brain and killed him. The two vet hospitals I talked to said they didn't believe they checked for the underlying condition and treated the inflammation in his ear. That's why he felt better but it would reoccur after the medicine ceased. The whole time it was spreading to his brain and finally killed him on Wed night.

The vet didn't do their job and it ended up killing my dog. There is no excuse. I was there every 2 weeks for six weeks for the same issue. You can't continue to say he is healthy with an ear infection. If he was healthy he would be able to walk and I wouldn't have to carry him into their facility. I have been taking my dog to Banfield and paying for Banfield insurance for 7 years. The one time he gets sick in 7 years they decide not to be thorough in their job. It cost my dog his life. If they followed the proper procedures it could of been treated. Make sure you find a great independent vet. It can be a life or death decision.

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