I was thoroughly disappointed with our billing experience at Banfield. I expect to pay more than a normal vet, because Ollie got hurt outside of normal vet hours. Banfield thankfully took him in. He had a good experience and was taken good care of. What was disturbing, was that I was lied to twice, directly to my face. One may have been an honest mistake. The receptionist told me that my bill would by well under $500, which I was quoted over $500. She's not a vet… I get it, she might have screwed up, but very frustrating. When I got there, due to the extremely high bill, I asked for a price itemization. My friend's dog had the same procedure done for under $300. She, directly to my face, told me sedation cost $200. I trusted her and did not read the bill.

When I got home I realized that sedation cost $60 bucks. So then, of course I was baffled to why the bill was so high and I felt completely appalled and thoroughly disrespected. If you are going to overcharge, have the nerve and guts to be honest with your client. Also, provide them with a receipt, rather than me having to ask for one. To make it worse, I was charged $48 dollars to have them put on a bandage. A bandage! I could have bought one for a couple bucks and put it on myself, if I was given the choice. I would appreciate an apology, for the direct lies, and at least a partial refund on my upcharged services. It is despicable that a bandage application costs $48. Completely unhappy. I will never return, I will wait until vet hours resume and care for my pet at home over the weekend.

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