In July 2015 I took my kitty to Banfield with a bloody mouth and decided to join their Pet Wellness plan with monthly payments of $25.95. They told me he had FIV. Then began treatments with antibiotics. His health never got better and within 16 weeks he was so ill – finally diagnosed with asthma. That I took him to another vet and had him put to sleep. He could not breathe even with medication.

I waited a week and called to cancel my Pet Wellness Plan. I was told I had to pay the next 8 months [= 1 year] because I had made so many visits and costs. I told them that was unheard of. Never explained that if my cat would died that I would have to finish out the yearly monthly fee because I used their services too much. They finally allowed me 4 months off and so in Feb. 2016 I will be free of Banfield Pet Wellness Plan. I told them I have another cat on their plan and as soon as I can get her off of it, I shall use another vet. And I was getting another cat and thought I would sign her up but they have shown me that their business practices are not fair and are deceptive. I will warn everyone how deceptive their Wellness plans are.

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