I've had multiple bad experiences with Banfield. You should be able to trust your vet. I have absolutely no trust in them. My very friendly lab is terrified of them. First we went in and the assistant offered to cut his nails. She cut the quick and he cried and bled so much that she had to use a clotting agent. I refused to let her cut the other one. I doubt she was even authorized to do so. Then we take him for a dew claw removal and they tell me to leave his bandages on for 2 weeks.

Of course on day 5 I became skeptical. After some research, including the care guide that THEY PROVIDED, I learn that they should be removed every 2 – 4 days. So I go to remove the bandages and come to find that they have literally put the vet tape OVER my dog's skin and fur. We had to cut the bandages off which was painful for them and his fur is missing and skin is irritated. I will look elsewhere for a vet. Avoid them at all costs. They hire unqualified, inexperienced people.

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