We brought our 11 yr. Old dog to the vet, they said she had 2 ear infections. She was put on remicin ear ointment and epiklean ear cleanser. We noticed that she was not hearing us, when she went for her follow up appointment we told the vet about her not hearing, and she never addressed the issue. We went home and I noticed she was not hearing us at all when we talked to her.

I went back to the vet, told her about our concerns. She said she didn't hear about any dogs going deaf using remicin. She would call the company and follow up on it. I told her if the vet would have told us it could cause deafness, we never would have put her on it. She called back saying she talked to the company – they said it would be temporary. We took her in October, it is now Nov 4th and we see no signs of her hearing. The vet has not even called to see how she is doing, or if she regained her hearing. All I know is my poor german shepherd is deaf. What can we do about this?

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